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crossroads sign

When one begins to get employed specially for the first timers, there is so much excitement; for some it was a BIG relief or an answer to one’s prayers. It becomes more fun when there are promotions for a job well done. 

However in every life of person there are crossroads. These may be something about the kind of life one may want to have. Or for those employed a decision for the future.

From my encounters with entrepreneurs, I met many who came from the corporate world. All of them had stories to share and how they were able to survive specially in making a choice without regret.

It is true! When a decision has been cast one ought not to look back and regret. It is vital for the person to consider and view the situation in a panoramic view.

For those who are for a business as main revenue stream or as something to augment an income, the usual crossroad is whether to start a business or explore a franchise business. With the popularity of franchises, more and more people are attracted. Yet the main hindrance would be the cost. Thus some people would immediately cling to what is CHEAP.

On the other hand to Start a Business, there are many factors which need be answered. This may be like what business concept, costs involved, product or services to be offered. The remaining vital questions would be the kind of Customers or target market and location.

Here are my recommendations:

1. Make a complete inventory of yourself. This may cover the skills and expertise including the various types of training programs.

2. What are those things which can give satisfaction?

3. Explore and study what franchising can really offer. There are a lot of articles written about this subject matter.