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Being an Entrepreneur


An Entrepreneur’s Reflection: Being A Vessel of Blessings To Others an entrepreneur should not only revolve around financial matters, but also to focus on how each entrepreneur could become an instrument in making a difference, in making a change not only for themselves, but for others as well.

You have come across entrepreneurs who have a negative reputation among his employees due to arrogance, stubbornness and loud behavior.  The employees may simply try to get by the situation at work for fear of loosing a job. This is where entrepreneurs fall short when handling a business and his employees. There is truly a need to take the business seriously. Employees who feel stiff and unhappy are less likely to become productive.

Entrepreneurs Are Leaders

Entrepreneurs are leaders. And being a leader, an entrepreneur should be able to impart positivity among his employees which will help the business grow. No, it’s not always about the money. There should also be harmony among co-workers every day.

Everyday pressures from both our business and personal, it has become a challenge to develop and sustain a spiritual life. Nevertheless, it is one challenge that we need to overcome and be able to do something about it. Busy entrepreneurs have one mind after a long day; to finally have some peace and quiet and be able to have a sound sleep. Although we provide what our body needs, there is also a need to nourish our souls through reflections.

Attaining a Meaningful Life

When we were younger, life was about happy things in life which were centered more on the material things. We try not to drown our thoughts with unhappy thoughts lest, it would drag us down.  As we grow older, we realize there is more to life than owning a house, car and other luxuries. To have a meaningful life, we come to a point of sharing we have with others.  For entrepreneurs, part of success is to extend their hands to those who dream to become just like them. It is like being the vessel of hope and encouragement to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Being in Business for over 20 years

I have been in the business for more than twenty years and I have seen different kinds of entrepreneurs. Those who succeeded with their businesses are the people who have acknowledged the importance of the people who have become part and parcel in reaching their goals. I would not want to sound like a preacher, by because I have lived a God-centered life, I have learned to share my blessings with others. And to be able to touch the lives of others by helping their dreams become a reality is a very fulfilling experience.


It’s true that we must find ways on how we could be able to sustain all the needs of our family. But there comes a time when all you want to do is to help these people and not expect anything in return, but pray that through the help extended to them, that they, too can become successful in the future.


Being an Instrument of Hope

Previously, I have shared with you the story of some successful entrepreneurs that I have met. What is inspiring about them was that, despite their struggles in life, they were able to overcome such obstacles and was surprised with a very lucrative business. This does not happen every day to everyone. But probably because they have such a strong faith that they were able to slowly reach their dreams.

Make Things Happen

There may have been so many people who attempted to start their own business. However, they seem to have got caught between so many things that they never found the right path to where they wanted to be. But here is one thing that I can say: We may have a great concept in mind, we may have the resources to start a business, but if we lack the skills in making things happen the way it should be, then we are just wasting time and money. Success cannot be created overnight. As I always say, it takes patience and perseverance before we can see the fruit of our labor. In those little struggles that we go through, with all the criticisms that we may have received from others, they should become the fuel to ignite our passion, to be able to do what we would like to do and eventually make a sustainable business.


In most of my talks, I do not just focus on letting people understand how to become entrepreneurs. Before anyone can be one, the right mindset should be created. A mindset is not only aiming for one’s benefits, but looking into how it can help others as well.


No business can succeed with a boss who is focused on how much the people help him reach his millions. When entrepreneurs see worth of his people,  share blessings with them, more than what they could have imagined.

Be A Blessing to Others!


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